We pursue fundamental advances at the interface of ultrasound imaging physics and molecular engineering, taking advantage of the discovery of acoustic biomolecules to interface ultrasound waves with cellular processes. The resulting technologies will be applied in many areas of biology and medicine, and a primary focus of the lab is the non-invasive ultrasound assessment of vascular function at all scales, from arteries down to capillaries and cells. Our lab is part of the Imaging Physics department of Delft University of Technology.

Recent Highlights

August 2020

Meet the "rising stars" working in the field of healthcare research at TU Delft!

July 2020

First article on acoustic biosensors for ultrasound imaging published in Nature Chemical Biology! Congratulations to Anupama, Zhiyang and co-authors at the Shapiro Lab. Behind the paper.

June 2020

Launching the Delft AI-lab IRIS (Intelligent & Reliable Imaging Systems) with Dr. Carlas Smith and Dr. Arjen Jakobi! Four PhD positions will be granted in AI-based quantitative bioimaging across biological scales.

May 2020

Single trial decoding of movement intentions using functional ultrasound imaging! Congratulations to former colleagues and collaborators at Caltech and PhysMed Paris! bioRxiv Preprint

January 2020

First article on Biomolecule-enhanced functional ultrasound imaging published in NeuroImage!

September 2019

NWO START-UP Grant awarded for the development of ultrasound biosensors based on acoustic biomolecules!

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