Biomolecular acoustic sensors

The recent introduction of genetically encoded biomolecules as ultrasound contrast agents is opening new opportunities for deep molecular imaging in opaque organisms. We engineer biosensors based on these acoustic biomolecules to spy on cellular processes with ultrasound waves.

Ultrasound imaging of acoustic biomolecules

Parallel to the development of acoustic biosensors, we develop ultrasound imaging methods dedicated to the detection of acoustic biomolecules in living organisms. To that end, we elaborate a general nonlinear imaging framework based on the cross-propagation of ultrasound plane waves.

Transcranial ultrasound imaging of neural activity

Functional ultrasound neuroimaging is high-resolution portable technology that records neural activity via localized changes in cerebral blood flow. We pursue innovative approaches to enhance functional ultrasound sensitivity and achieve transcranial ultrasound imaging of the brain at work.