Biomolecular acoustic sensors

The recent introduction of genetically encoded acoustic biomolecules as ultrasound contrast agents is opening new opportunities for deep molecular imaging in living organisms. We design acoustic indicators based on acoustic biomolecules in order to report on cellular processes with ultrasound waves.

Ultrasound imaging of acoustic biomolecules

Ultrasound imaging methods for the sensitive and specific in vivo detection of acoustic biomolecules are required to maximize the impact of this nanotechnology in medicine and biology. To that end, we develop a general nonlinear imaging framework based on the cross-propagation of ultrasound waves.

Transcranial ultrasound imaging of neural activity

Functional ultrasound imaging (fUS) is a technology that detects local cerebral blood volume variations as a proxy for neural activity. We exploit echoes arising from endogenous, synthetic and biomolecular ultrasound contrast agents to advance the transcranial capabilities of fUS imaging of neural activity.

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